Ayurvedic Agnikarma Treatment in UP

Shalyatantra is one in every of the eminent branch of written material that consists of major therapies like - Bheshaj karma, Kasara karma, Shastra karma and Raktamokshana.
Agni karma means that procedure through with hearth. References square measure there in numerous Ayurvedic text books relating to Agni karma. Centuries back abundant is written concerning it's hemostatic, curative and preventive properties. Agni karma is superior to all or any of procedures delineate in written material and is incredibly effective within the diseases wherever vata and kapha doshas square measure regionally concerned. it's a crucial the raputic live in the Ayurvedic system of drugs and is standard thanks to its potency and ease to cure numerous diseases. This distinctive type of medical care is performed with the assistance of Agni that has been delineating superior to different procedures like Kasara karma as a result of diseases treated by Agni karma ne'er relapse and it cures those diseases wherever different procedures does not show results. Principles of Agni karma square measure adopted earlier fashionable technologies like cautery, Diathermy, optical device medical care and Radiation therapies etc.to treat the chronic and tough to treat disorders.
Agni karma is indicated in several diseases like animal tissue pain, Arthritis, Tendinitis, Sinovitis, Mayalgia, ligament rupture etc. wherever pain could be a distinguished feature. In Ayurved, it's conjointly indicated in diseases like Arsha, Bhagandara, Arbuda, Antra vridhi, Apachi, and Gridhrasi etc.

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