Managing Director Desk

Sonali Sharma

I feel privileged being the Managing Director of this Medical College. I still have the fresh memories of the horrifying experiences during the days of our struggle to establish this college. There were many odds standing against our strong vision and determination of establishing a Medical College to produce competent manpower for the health sector as well as providing quality health services.

Acquiring the required amount of land, mobilizing finance, recruitment of qualified manpower, and procuring expensive medical equipments were not that easy going for us in the initial stages without financial support from our trust, Shri Jaipal Singh Sharma Trust . Against all these odds we just continued to work hard with clear and honest intention to reach our goal. There is a saying “If there is a will, there is a way”. This saying motivated us and worked out in our favour too.

As the Managing Director of this Medical College, I make this personally sure that the academic aspects, comforts and safety of the students is our topmost priority. This College offers the best opportunity to aspiring students to fulfill their dream of getting world class education and training in health sciences.