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GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital organizes free Ayurvedic health camps to provide free medical checkups and consultations. The Ayurveda medical camp is conducted in collaboration with local Ayurvedic centers and is attended by a large number of people from urban and rural areas.A team of experienced doctors and nurses provides free health care, diagnosis, and treatment. The primary aim of the camps is to provide access to quality healthcare services for those who cannot afford it in this part of the country. During the camp, the department conducts free checkups, such as blood tests, eye screenings, dental assessments, etc.

The Ayurvedic Health Camp conducted by GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital runs free health awareness programs at the hospital premises. The camp also includes prakriti assessment camps, and obesity screenings. It is organized in association with healthcare professionals and provides free check up to all attendees. Additionally, an awareness program on healthy lifestyles and preventive care was also conducted during the camp to help people understand the importance of good health. With this initiative, the Hospital aimed to create awareness about preventive healthcare and promote good physical fitness among people of all ages.

Department of Ayurveda, the organizer of the health camp, organized a free medical checkup and offered free Ayurvedic medicines to all participants. A team of highly qualified doctors and paramedical staff were present at the camp to advise about ayurveda health. Free booster medicines for those suffering from chronic ailments are also provided during the camp. Records prove such events are well-received by people who appreciate the efforts taken by this auspicious organization to provide free medical health checkups and Ayurvedic medicines to them.

Earlier in 2023, another 'Ayurvedic Health Camp' was organized in the rural area of Delhi. This mega ayurveda health camp was conducted to provide basic healthcare and general health care to those in need. Here the people were able to avail free ayurveda health checkups, medicines, and wellness treatments for free. The camp was a great success and provided people a chance to understand the importance of Ayurvedic wellness as well as general healthcare. People also got an opportunity to get their routine medical checkups done by expert doctors of the Hospital for free. This event provided medical care and created awareness about preventive measures for better health and well-being.

Panchkarma camps in the hospital has been a great help to those who failed to get treatment elsewhere and were successfully cured . Similarly Shalya department also organised camps for the anorectal disease.Recently a free Ayurvedic health camp has been organized by the Ayurvedic department of GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital to provide medical consultation and treatment facilities for people with health issues. The camp was attended by Ayurvedic doctors,and Ayurvedacharyas, who offered free medical consultations and treatments. People were also able to buy Ayurvedic medicines from the dispensary set up at the venue. The camp aimed to promote awareness about the benefits of Ayurveda in providing holistic wellness. It also served as a platform for people to learn more about preventive measures that can be taken for better health through Ayurveda and its associated treatments.

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