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Front Gate View of Herbal Garden of GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital

Herbal Garden

The college boosts a meticulously arranged herbal garden that houses numerous rare and extinct flora species. The garden boosts a:

  • Total of over 261 species.
  • Including several rare varieties.
  • And over 2029 medicinal plants that offers students the opportunity to identify the various species and comprehend the morphological characteristics of these plants.

Moreover, some of the medicinal plant products are employed in the day-to-day preparation of herbal medicines. As a result, students are encouraged to visit the herbal garden frequently to identify the various plants and develop their understanding of them.

The college's meticulously arranged herbal garden is a source of pride for the institution. The garden is home to a wide variety of rare and extinct flora species, carefully curated to create an enriching experience for students.

The garden also houses over 1173 medicinal plants, giving students a chance to understand their morphological characteristics and identify the various species.

The college's commitment to provide students with hands-on experience is reflected in the use of medicinal plant products for the day-to-day preparation of herbal medicines. Students are encouraged to visit the garden frequently, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of the plants and their medicinal properties.

The herbal garden is not only a valuable educational resource for students but also a hub for biodiversity conservation. The college recognizes the importance of preserving rare and endangered flora species, and the garden serves as a sanctuary for such species. The conservation efforts extend beyond the garden, as the college strives to raise awareness about the need for environmental sustainability and protection of natural resources.

Along with all these reservoir we have specific set thematic garden like NAVAGRAH VATIKA, RASHI VATIKA, COVID VATIKA,NAKSHATRA VATIKA, VYOM VATIKA, AAHAR VATIKA,AMALAKI PATH and many more to be added in the list.

All species are digitized by specific QR code fed with all details to website to form a Unique Digital Garden.

In conclusion, the college's meticulously arranged herbal garden is a unique and valuable resource that offers students a wide range of learning opportunities. It serves not only as a hub for education and research but also as a platform for biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability. The garden is a testament to the college's commitment to provide students with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

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