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Department of Swasthavritta


Ayurveda aims to maintain good health and cure disease by taking preventive measures, which is included in Swasthavritta.

The Department of Swasthvritta at GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital is not only a system of medicine in the conventional sense of curing disease; it is a way of life that explains diet, behavior, rules, and regulations that are beneficial for the whole person. This concept provides a framework for achieving the ideal lifestyle, and Swasthvritta prioritizes maintaining health to achieve it. According to NCISM (National Commission for Indian System of Medicine), the study of Swasthavritta also contains preventive and curative measures towards Modern science, Yogshastra, and Naturopathy.

The Department deals with a person's total health or complete fitness at all levels, i.e., physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual.

According to Vedic literature, Yoga is another important and basic concept of health. Its main goal is to maintain a balance between physical and mental activities.Swasthvritta teaches the art of living along with Yoga and naturopathy. The experts of Swasthvritta in the Department mainly emphasize the patient to correctly follow a daily and sessional regimen and guide them to accompany daily morning, evening, night, and cleanliness habits.

The Department imparts educational and training programs for Under Graduate and Post Graduate aspirants. These programs include training in personal hygiene, promotive and preventive aspects of health, prevention of contagious diseases, etc. In addition to this, nature cure and practical training in Yoga are also given to the students.

The scope of Swasthvritta is beneficial in creating such students who are able to bring about the welfare of society with the help of the science of Ayurveda along with Yogshastra and Naturopathy. The Department aids the students in gaining an insight into the concept of health through which they should be able to advise an appropriate healthy regimen to their patients.

The students of GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital are able to discriminate against various food articles and their usefulness as diet consultants to the community. While serving the community, they can identify different conditions that can lead to the spread of communicable diseases and non - communicable diseases and their preventive measures according to Ayurveda and modern medicine with the help of Yoga therapy and Naturopathy.The Department has a connecting Yoga Unit for early morning conducting Yogasanas.

The department consult patients, provide them diet charts, give guidance about yoga and pranayam according to their disease and condition. Department conducted various workshops on Naturopathy and Yoga.

Department conducted various seminar time to time.. In Satellite OPD 's department doctors spread awareness about diet, healthy lifestyle, Yoga and Pranayam among villagers.

The department consult patients, provide them diet charts, give guidance about yoga and pranayam according to their disease.

The aspirants of Swasthvritta, during their course, understand the principles and components of primary health care and the national health policies to achieve the goal of "Health for all."

Dept. Activities

  • N.S.S. activity - Departmental teachers participate as a guest lecturer in various N.S.S. camps.
  • Community health work - Teachers of the Department actively participate in community health programs like health surveys, school health check-ups, Pulse Polio Programme, and Swasrnaprashan Shibir organized by our institute.

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