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Department of Kayachikitsa


It is the first branch of Astanga Ayurveda or eight-branched Ayurveda that deals with general medicine. The total treatment procedure is called Kaya Chikitsa (or internal medicine), where in kaya means 'body' and chikitsa means 'treatment'. Kaya Chikitsa mainly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of general diseases, such as skin disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis and many other disorders.

Kayachikitsa at GS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital is the most contributing clinical branch of the Institute which attracts the patients from all over the state and also from neighbouring states. This branch of Ayurveda is concerned with patient care, research, and the study of clinical specialties for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Ayurveda Internal Medicine.

Ayurveda, as a long-existing life science, has been followed and practiced in the organization since its beginning. Kayachikitsa (also called Internal Medicine), deals with diagnosing and treating diseases using both curative and preventive methods. It is the most crucial branch among all other specialties in Ayurveda which includes following ayurveda techniques and therapies :

  • Dietary changes.
  • Herbal medicine, including combining herbs with metals, minerals or gems.
  • Acupuncture (practiced by some practitioners).
  • Massage.
  • Meditation.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Panchakarma (‘five actions’) – a specialised treatment consisting of five therapies including emesis (vomiting), enemas and blood-letting, which are meant to detoxify the body and balance the doshas (in Ayurveda, the body’s three vital energies).
  • Sound therapy, including the use of mantras.
  • Agni karma.
  • Agni karma.
  • Yoga.

Through Kayachikitsa, the department focus on harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. This is achieved through a balanced diet, lifestyle, and exercise regime. Kayachikitsa also emphasizes the importance of good digestion and elimination. Kayachikitsa treatments correct imbalances in the body's systems, organs, and tissues.


  • To produce globally competitive Ayurved Practitioners.


  • To become centre of excellence by providing quality Education and Practical training of Ayurved Medicine.
  • Health for all.
  • Upholding the Authentic Principles of Ayurveda in order propagate health of well being world wide.


  • Highly educated ,dedicated clinical teaching staff.
  • Well equipped and well run OPD and IPD.
  • Well established undergraduate and postgraduate department with library.
  • Special OPD for specific diseases like skin disorder, Diabetes, Rhumatoid Arthritis.

GS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital also focuses on sub-specialties of Kayachikitsa (General Medicine) -

  • Rasayana and Vajikarana (geriatrics and aphrodisiacs).
  • Hrida roga & Shwasan Vikar (cardio-respiratory disorders).
  • Endocrine Disorders such as Madhu meha (diabetes mellitus).
  • Vaat-vyadhi (Musculoskeletal & Nervous Disorders).
  • Aamashay-Pakwashay rog (gastrointestinal disorders).
  • Yakrit roga (hepatic disorders).
  • Twak roga (skin disorders & VD).
  • Manas roga (psychiatry).

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