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Department of Prasuti Streerog


One of the most significant departments of Ayurveda at GS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital is the department of PrasootiTantra and StreeRog. Primarily, it deals with the full care of women's health from the puberty till the menopause. It includes issues related to the human female's reproductive system, their pregnancy, labor and the post-labor recovery care period.

In Ayurveda, Gynaecology or StreeRog is related to the issues of menstrual disturbances like, irregular periods, increased bleeding at the time of menstruation, dysmenorrhea and the PCOS, PCOD etc. While, Prasutitantra or obstetrics is related to the infertility aspects like pre-conceptual care, prenatal care and postnatal care.

Apart from the treatment of various female disorders, it has complete care for different transitional phases like the menstrual phase, i.e Ruthumathicharya, for conceiving a healthy pregnancy, i.e garbhasamskara,or during pregnancy called garbhiniparicharya. The PrasootiTantra and StreeRog department offers regimes to make the phases smooth for women. Even after the delivery, the department has a lot to offer for the proper care and under the good guidance of doctors. Primarily, this emphasizes the importance of women’s health, which is responsible for the continuity of generations.

GS ayurveda medical college and hospital in Pilkhuwa is actively participating in serving humanity and taking good care of the needy. The hospital is making extra efforts on a regular basis. Primarily, for giving healthcare facilities to all, there is a need for a well-established department with good equipment. Fortunately, the college has well-equipped facilities in the Streeroga and prasuti department. And a team of professionally qualified doctors and other staff.

The hospital has different kinds of ayurvedic procedures: yoni dhavan, pichudharan, uttarvasti karma. They are regularly practiced in the hospital for the treatment of the patients. Further, regular ANC check ups are there for the improvement of pregnant women's lives. Furthermore, the doctors and the healthcare staffs provide guidance to the women.


  • To advance Garbhini Paricharya (Ayurvedic antenatal care) through superior instruction and clinical experience.
  • Examine Ayurvedic methods of treatment for various gynaecological conditions.
  • To verify the efficacy of pharmaceutical treatments involving the PrasutiTantra and Striroga.
  • Establishing Standard Operative Procedures (SOP) for various Prasuti Tantra & Strir treatment procedures.

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