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Department of Rognidan and Vikriti Vigyan


The Department of Rognidan and Vikriti Vigyan relates to the foundation of Ayurvedic pathology and the in-depth knowledge of the diseases. It deals with the study of the disease, so that it can be diagnosed earlier, so that planning for the right course of treatment can be done. The Rognidan & Vikruti Vigyan department of G.S Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital is primarily concerned with Roga and Rogi Parikshaas.

Basically, the Department of Rognidan & Vikruti Vigyana deals with both ancient ayurvedic methods and the use of the latest methods for patients diagnosis. Roga Nidan pariksha methods have been modified like Naadi pareeksha, one of the ancient ayurvedic methods is now done with the help of Nadi tarangini instrument which has increased more accuracy in Pulse diagnosis and many more advance methods have been devloped for ancient ayurvedic methods based diagnosis. This has brought a change in the age-old method due to devloping requirements of present day clinical practice. Rognidan & Viikriti vigyana branch of Ayurveda is the foundation for all clinical subjects.

In G.S Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, the department prepares students to get a good understanding of the disease causing causative factors ( Roga Nidanam) and also the nature of disease , i.e., Vikriti Vigyanam. Additionally, it helps in understanding the indepth of the pathogenesis, called Samprapti Vidyanam. Further, the insight of Clinical examinations known as Aatur or RugnaParikshanVidhi.

helps in diagnosing the disease, i.e.., VyadhiParikshaVidhi with the help of signs and symptoms present in the patients. The students are then involved in the interpretation of the results of examination with their subject teachers. In the conclusion, the subject deals both with the diagnosis and prognosis of a disease. As a result, the student gains a better understanding of the physiology as well as the practicality of Vyadhi-Vigyanam.

The Department of Rognidan and Vikruti vigyan constantly works to instil in the learner a sense of the spirit and philosophy of Rognidan and Vikrutivigyan. With the aid of solid knowledge of "NidanPanchak" and "VyadhiGhatak", our students will be able to think about and explain the etio-pathogenesis (samprapti) of newer diseases as well as about other unexplained and nameless diseases.

The department believes in upgrading their students' knowledge. So, that the students become comfortable in explaining the Samprapti( pathogenesis) of each disease. They can use various samhitas(Ayurvedic texts) to explain the disease and by doing, comparative analyses of Ayurveda and the latest concepts of disease pathogenesis and salient clinical features to understand the disease well. Students would be able to understand different ayurvedic concepts, like Vyadhikshamatva, Dhatwagnimandya, Aam, Avaran etc. having role in various disease etiology and reoccurance.

The Rognidan and Vikriti Vigyan Department has well qualified professionals and developed pathology labs. Currently, G.S Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital‘s department has the facility of 50 students working together in a lab with each of them occupying a single microscope.

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