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Department of Shalyatantra


The department of Shalyatantra at GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital has been honored as a tertiary center care unit in Ayurveda surgery in its region and neighboring countries. The department has successfully kept its traction in attracting most PG and Ph.D. applicants from all corridors of the nation and worldwide. The department leads excellence in integrating and espousing ultramodern tools, generalities, and ways in recent general surgery. This approach allows the department to advance in the art and wisdom of Ayurvedic surgery.

The department's broadly competent tutoring faculties and prestigious professors execute the most stylish possible service to the heft and rehabilitate who bear surgical and para-surgical installations like Raktamokshana, Agnikarma, and Ksharkarma. With streamlined and obligatory services, the department stands altitudinous as a center of excellence for its tertiary care in Ayurveda.

Imaged to develop as a futuristic center of Ayurvedic Surgeries, the department of Shalyatantra at GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital runs clinical specialty OPDs like Guda Roga/ Ano- Rectal OPD, General Surgery/ Samaya Shalya OPD, Asthi- Sandhi- Marma Roga or integrated sports and orthopedic injury OPD.

Besides these, the department is also completely equipped with ultramodern operation theatres. The advanced in-house simulation lab helps medical professionals gain the proper sapience into their case's conditions.

Since its actuality, the department of Shalyatantra has been continuously upgrading its installations by enhancing the boundaries and adding new technology to help cases with stylish, available health and heartiness care in the recent period. The comprehensive training and tutoring programs handed by the department for PG and Ph.D. applicants using expert guidance, advanced disquisition, and literacy tools are vastly appreciated. This compass results in the accomplishment of competitive and confident surgeons in the field of Ayurveda. With the help of its adequate staff and professed croakers.

The department is suitable for giving excellent case care services in the Ayurveda field and performing surgeries using ultramodern surgical and medical advances. Besides this, the department's education is a state- of- art and provides knowledge-grounded programs for interpreters and faculties. The exploration conditioning carried out in the department regularly contributes to case-friendly results to overcome post-surgical problems like pain and infection.


  • Operation of diseases W/ C requires surgical intervention, with special ayurvedic ways like - renal maths BPH.
  • Kshar Sutra & kshar karma in ano rectal diseases like - Piles, Fistula, crevices, Pilonidal sinus and Genital knobs.
  • Agnikarma (remedial cauterization) in excision of knobs, skin eruptions and in pain operation (Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Calcaneal spur) and sludge.
  • Leech Therapy (Jalauka avcharana) to manage seditious skin conditions (acne vulgaris), soft towel, abscess, etc.
  • Blood Letting( Rakta mokshana) in diseases because of vitiated blood, skin diseases., varicose modes, operation of non-healing ulcers like venous ulcers and diabetic ulcers with Ayurvedic treatments.

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