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Department of Kriya Sharir


Kriya Sharir (Ayurveda Physiology) is the key subject in the education curriculum of ayurvedic medical sciences. Kriya means activity. Kriya Sharir is the subject deals with the activites of the body. In broad terms this subject provides the knowledge of functional aspect of the human body, mind, and the senses.

It emphasizes the concepts of Dosha, Dhatu, and Malas, which are the main pillars of ayurveda. According to Ayurveda every individual is a unique entity and for knowing this uniqness of every individual’s “prakriti parikshan” that is the analysis of body and mind is one of the specialities of this subject. It also involves understanding human physiology along with the principles of functions of human body from Ayurvedic perspective.

'Kriya Sharir' is very important as it is the base of treating any disease. Because without understanding the normalcy of human body nobody can critically understand the abnormalcy, there by managing and preventing the disease.

Our department missions to involve more students and faculties to motivate themselves to give more research and innovation in the field of ayurveda, there by leading to more productive ideas for the development in the fraternity as well as a evident based science.


There are three different types of kriya sharir followed by the department like :

  • The vata type.
  • The pitta type.
  • The kapha type.

Each type of kriya sharir has its unique characteristics and treatment methods.

The vata type is characterized by dryness, lightness, coldness, and fragility. The primary treatment method for this type is to pacify the vata dosha with grounding and nutritional therapies.

Heat, sharpness, acidic properties, and intense activity characterize the pitta type. The primary treatment method for this type is to pacify the pitta dosha with cooling and calming therapies.

The kapha type is characterized by heaviness, density, oiliness, and sluggishness. The primary treatment method for this type is to pacify the kapha dosha with cleansing and stimulating therapies.

There are many benefits associated with Kriya Sharir, including its ability to improve circulation, detoxify the body, and boost immunity.


There are many different kriya sharir treatments, but some of the most popular practiced at the organization include those for :

  • Detoxification.
  • Cleansing.
  • Rejuvenation.

Kriya sharir is a powerful Ayurvedic therapy that can treat various health conditions. The highly qualified doctors and medical staff at the GS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital provide their patients with the proper consultation before they begin any kriya sharir regimen, as there are specific instructions that must be followed to ensure safety and efficacy.

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