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The IPD facility in GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital has modern amenities and facilities to take care of accommodated inpatients according to their doctor's/specialist's assessment. The general area of IPD has a well-equipped arrangement of 100 beds in the hospital that have been distributed among the 6 different departments of Ayurveda according to the terms and norms set by the CCIM.


All IPDs have well-ventilated wards, nursing stations, and dispensing units. With 10 separate general wards for both male and female, the hospital has a Laboratory, X-ray, and USG units, which are state-of-art in the state and assists in the investigations of the inpatients.Cause of the skilled nursing staff and highly qualified Ayurvedacharya, BAMS, and MD doctors, GS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital, has set a noticeable benchmark in Ayurvedic treatment. People from the local and distinct territories visit the hospital to get a natural cure for all their disorders. Besides having its deep-rooted evolution from the ancient culture of Ayurveda, the hospital also focuses on upgraded technology. It thus has all the modern amenities and facilities available for the patients. These high-end procedure rooms are attached to the hospital for convenience and easy access

With complete well-being, the ideology of this promising organization, a fully dedicated Yoga Hall, is also built on the premises that emphasize the spiritual well-being of the patients. Here, all patients can access the Yoga Hall and reach out to professional yoga practitioners who will assist and guide them to practice this internationally recognized system. This holistic approach has helped and will help patients shortly to heal better. Though it is claimed that yoga is a treatment, it helps heal patients better.

The hospital has a well-equipped operation theatre complex which facilitates the surgical faculty to restore the health of inpatients. The labor rooms within the operation theatre complex have been the place of substantiation for many New Born.

The hospital primarily focuses on Kayachikitsa, Panchakarma, Shalya, Prasuti and Stri Roga, Bal Roga, ENT, and eye treatment. With detox being the talk of the town, the hospital has10 Panchakarma theatres for ‘patients' benefit and a Kriya Kalpa lab for the procedures of the conditions related to the most beautiful organ–THE EYES, under the Shalakya department.

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