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Department of Rachana Sharir


Rachana Sharir is one of the prominent department of Ayuveda at GS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital . It is known for the basic studies of Ayurveda. The curriculum follows the Ayurvedicshamita and modern anatomy. Primarily, the structure of the human body and other important human studies are included in it. Some of them are Marmasharir, Anthropometry, Genetics, Histology, and Embryology.

The main and most fundamental course in the Bachelor of Ayurvedic and Modern Science is RachnaSharir (BAMS).In BAMS, a student develops his knowledge based on dissection methods. Further, for becoming a top notch researcher or a clinician, dissection methods help in proper and better identification.

As Rachna Sharir is one of the foundation subjects, it includes all the basic principles of Ayurveda. When a student takes admission to BAMS, he or she must prepare themselves to become more familiar with the Rachnasharir. In the first year of BAMS with the discipline of RachnaSharir, a pupil has to perform a whole dissection of Cadaver in the mentioned way under the guidance of teachers. It is part of the curriculum.

The studies of this discipline are dynamic and engage its students to the core, which may lead to a good practitioner or a curious researcher. Moreover, the studies of Medical science require some basic knowledge of RachnaSharir. As a result, it is considered as an important and foundation science of human life.


  • With the help of human body dissection, to help students on undergraduate courses in gaining knowledge.
  • To help students through practical and theory to understand the vital structural details of the human body.
  • Help students with getting acquainted with clinical and applied useful details related to the human body. As RachnaSharir is the foundation subject. Mastery of the subject is required.
  • Dispensing of ayurvedic medicine as per individual patients.
  • To carry out research operations on an applied platform in order to illustrate different Ayurvediya RachanaSharir principles and obscure facts.

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